Tuesday 12 May 2009

The Speaker (and all the expense fiddling crooks) must go

By all accounts, the Speaker of the House, dragged the reputation of the Commons even lower yesterday (how much lower can it get?) with a petulant outburst against the eminently sensible Kate Hoey.

Douglas Carswell is the Conservative MP for Harwich & Clacton. He is one of the few genuinely honourable MPs in the House who has campaigned tirelessly to clean up Westminster.
Last year Douglas suggested it was time to get rid of the Speaker. His fellow MPs laughed at him. They’re not laughing now as his campaign begins to gather momentum.

Douglas has his own blog (not paid for by the taxpayer) and most of his postings attract a handful of replies. Yesterday, his blog calling for a vote of no confidence in the Speaker attracted nearly 130 comments. My own blog about MPs with their snouts in the trough received twice as many hits than any other article I have ever written. The public’s anger is clear, and entirely justified.

MPs who have been caught making frivolous and/or unjustifiable expense claims need to understand in no uncertain terms that if they do not repay the money and apologise then we, the people, will kick them out on their backsides at the next election - which can’t come soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

check out some local MPs who claim to need second homes although their constituencies are in Barnet and Enfield - Rudi, Joan and Andy for exapmple