Tuesday 19 May 2009

Hillan’s Rose Tinted Glasses

We all need a good laugh now and again, so thanks to the Barnet Times for reporting this gem from Cllr Lynne Hillan ahead of tonight’s full council meeting when she will be elected Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Resources. Ms Hillan said:
“It is a huge honour to be taking on the role of deputy leader and cabinet member for resources. Thanks to Mike Freer the state of the accounts is looking good, having recovered after Labour and the Liberals nearly bankrupted the council when they were last in control.”
With £27.4m taxpayers money at risk due to the council’s unauthorised Icelandic investments (under Freer’s watch) and £11 million overspent on the Aerodrome Road bridge project (Matthew Offord’s watch) I would say that the state of the accounts is far from looking good.

It seems our political lords and masters in Barnet have yet to wake up to the new reality that the public can’t be fooled, won’t be fooled and will throw out of office anyone who tries to fool them.

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Anonymous said...

Is it truly remarkable how within a few years the 'coup' team have reversed the hard won political revival of the Conservatives in Barnet.

If this is to be the strategy of the, so called, Conservative Group, sprinkled with Ms Hillan/Howard combination of goebellism and sophistry, then the future is sadly bleak for the Conservative Party in Barnet.

The reputation for financial prudence that was built up by Victor Lyon and Tony Finn for years has been trashed. Spending and waste are left unchecked and Council Tax rises here whilst it is frozen elsewhere. Without a strong reputation for handling the finances Conservatives lose elections.

As a passionate Conservative, I pray that when the moment comes later this year the Councillors choose another path to this and restore proper Conservativism to the Town Hall.

Attacking prominent Conservatives, sophistry, concreting over the Borough with rabbit hutch flats and slavishly following the Brown government on every initiative has got to end.