Wednesday 27 May 2009

MPs expense claims “incredibly human”

I have just been listening to a very interesting interview on the Today programme with Professor of behavioural economics, Mr Dan Ariely.

He has concluded that when it came to MPs stuffing their pockets with taxpayers cash, the poor little lambs just couldn’t help themselves.

Prof Ariely suggests that we could all act equally dishonestly if we were in their position. Perhaps disgraced MP Anthony Steen was right when he said that the public were simply jealous?


Rog T said...


If it is the case that "MP's are only human" and therefore will take the piss at every available opportunity, it is clear that all issues relating to their pay, expenses and renumeration must be put in the hands of completely independent panels.

If the problems of parliament are caused because MP's are only human, maybe we should replace them with Chimpanzee's. At least they wouldn't be on the take and Prime Ministers questions would doubtless be far more entertaining :^)

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I actually think the Professor is wrong. Most of us do know the difference between right and wrong and behave accordingly. That is what makes this expenses scandal so shameful on the whole country.