Thursday 7 May 2009

Sheer incompetence!

Council Leader, Mike Freer, has come in for fierce criticism over his recent mail shot which cost taxpayers £42,000.

Opposition councillors accused Mr Freer of electioneering at the taxpayers expense. Barnet Council Watch was prepared to overlook that question because the subject matter was so important.

We did however criticise the letter for being unintelligible rubbish. The Barnet Times has now reported that it contained an incorrect e-mail address and some poor chap received over 150 e-mails from members of the public.

Apart from the sheer incompetence of whoever was responsible for checking the letter, it also demonstrates what a waste of resources it has proven to be.

Every resident in the Borough was sent this letter. Not very many replied. As we have stated previously, we rather suspect that envelopes marked “Important message from the Leader of Barnet Council” simply ended up in the bin without being opened.

Of course, none of this is Mike Freer’s fault, because nothing ever is, but is there any chance of an apology for wasting precious public resources?

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