Thursday 7 May 2009

Always the bridesmaid. Finally the bride?

Lynne Hillan is set to become the new Deputy Leader of Barnet Council following the resignation of Matthew Offord over the £11 million overspend on the Aerodrome Road bridge so that he can spend more time on his election campaign.

Nominations closed last night for the position of Deputy Group Leader and Lynne Hillan was the only candidate.

Barnet Council Watch hears that Richard Cornelius, who has political aspirations of his own, did not have sufficient support from his Conservative colleagues to mount a successful challenge to Lynne Hillan, which does not bode well for his leadership campaign when Mike Freer quits later this year.

The big question for Lynne Hillan is whether her anointment as Deputy Leader will help her to finally secure the top job after two previous failed attempts, or whether a surprise candidate will once again snatch victory from her grasp?

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