Tuesday 12 May 2009

Edgware. Battle or walkover?

An anonymous reader took me to task earlier today for suggesting that it was a two horse race between the Conservatives and the LibDems in the forthcoming by-election in Edgware.

Labour have now announced their candidate, Mr Alon Or-bach, who according to my reader is “a well known local campaigner.” No, I had never heard of him before either, but having now Googled Mr Or-bach (pictured hard left), nothing has persuaded me to change my mind that the only thing Labour will get in Edgware is a good thrashing.

In a report to Labour’s National Policy Forum, Mr Or-bach refers to his colleagues as “Comrades”. I think that tells us everything we need to know about him. The message on my blog concluded “What edgware needs is a strong left-wing voice to make sure the area gets its fair share of Council attention.”

Actually, that’s the last thing we need. We have all seen the damage a Socialist government has done to this country. Do we want the same in Edgware?

I previously reported that the LibDem candidate Jonathan Davies is a former councillor. I didn’t realise at the time that he was a former Labour councillor!

The anonymous message writer is right in one respect. This isn’t going to be a two horse race. It will be a one horse walkover!

UPDATE: I have been asked to point out that Jonathan Davies has previously served as a LibDem Councillor in Barnet for Childs Hill Ward. The Brent councillor who defected from Labour is a different Jonathan Davies! I am happy to correct this mistake. Apologies to Mr Davies.


Richard Weider said...


I agree with your comments of the Labour Candidate.

Looking at google, of the three candidates, only Darrel Yarwitch the Conservative Candiate appears to have done any local campaigning for local Edgware residents.

The annonymous comment said that Edgware Councillors had done nothing for the residents of the Stonegrove estate. As a Councillor I was very supportive of the estates regeneration, which I believe is vital for its residents, even if I was criticised for this by traditional Conservative voters.

Duncan Macdonald said...


Not the same Jonathan Davies.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

A case of mistaken identity! I have corrected the blog.