Thursday 4 March 2010

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Don’t Call Me Dave
is now taking an extended break from writing this blog. As regular readers will know, he is currently studying with the Open University and has two assignments to complete before the end of April.

He has also been commissioned to write two magazine articles for publication later this year, in addition to his real job of trying to keep the Treasury afloat.

Barnet’s political scene is well represented in cyberspace, as demonstrated by the blog roll opposite, covering the left wing, the right wing and the Kentucky Fried Chicken wing!

Sadly, the once renowned Statler & Waldorf blog is no more. DCMD hears that Statler is in rehab after binging on cheap supermarket sherry whilst Waldorf is currently sojourning at the Barnet Rest Home for the Bewildered after a rather distressing experience walking his dog at Scratchwood.

DCMD is grateful to his readers for all their loyal support, but special thanks must go to Cllrs Mike Freer, Lynne Hillan, Brian Coleman and Andreas Tambourides, without whom this blog would not have been necessary possible.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Happy Birthday Daz!

Yesterday, Don’t Call Me Dave’s good friend Daz Valladares celebrated the 49th anniversary of his 21st Birthday.

Daz gave DCMD his first job in advertising, more moons ago than he cares to remember! Unlike many in the industry at the time, Daz was one of the good guys who was always willing to help and encourage junior staff - rather than see them as a threat. He understood that success was measured in terms of how well you did for the people you were paid to serve rather than how well you did for yourself.

Not The Barnet Times does not carry advertising but, if it did, we are sure that Daz would encourage his clients to promote their products here, safe in the knowledge that its vast readership includes many of London’s most intelligent and influential movers and shakers. And a few politicians to boot!

On behalf of all of us who have benefited from working for you, Many Happy Returns Daz!