Sunday 31 May 2009

Double Dipping

As a result of the MPs expenses scandal, some new phrases have entered the political lexicon, most notably flipping (changing the designation of one’s main residence) and double dipping where husband and wife MPs have been using taxpayers’ money to make claims on two homes.

However, following a light hearted exchange with one of our regular correspondents, an alternative definition springs to mind.

Until recently, MPs did not have to submit receipts for expense claims up to £250. Many MPs have other jobs in the private sector.

Not The Barnet Times wonders whether any MPs have claimed the same expense twice, both from a private company, which would naturally require the receipt, and from the Westminster fees office, which did not.

Until recently, such behaviour would have been considered unconscionable, but as we now know, many MPs are so totally devoid of morality that you could not put it past them to have thought of this scam.

If you employ an MP, be sure to check their expense claims very carefully!

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