Tuesday 19 May 2009

Cameron Calls for a Public Meeting

Iain Dale has reported on his blog: “David Cameron is encouraging any of his MPs who have faced accusations from the Telegraph to take their case to their constituents and face them in public meetings.”

Good idea.

Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Villiers is one of the MPs featured by the Telegraph. I am sure many residents will want to know why she needed a second home at our expense, given that she lives so close to Parliament.

Mrs Villiers says she will stop claiming the allowance later this year. Why not now? Will she repay the stamp duty and other fees that we have paid for out of our taxes?

Obviously David Cameron has no control over Labour MPs (and frankly neither does Gordon Brown) but Rudi Vis and Andrew Dismore also need to explain themselves to the electorate.

It is scarcely believable that all three of our MPs have been claiming the second home allowance which was intended to help parliamentarians from far flung constituencies, not those who represent London constituencies.

The sooner all three appear before the court of public opinion, the better. Staying silent will not make this issue go away.

UPDATE: Outgoing Speaker of the House, Michael Martin, has announced interim reforms to MPs expenses. With immediate effect, MPs will no longer be able to claim for Stamp Duty on second homes. Can we have our money back please?

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