Saturday 30 May 2009

Rules for dealing with reporters

Not The Barnet Times is indebted to one of our loyal readers who has sent us the link to a web site called The Saint Report which carries a very interesting article with twelve rules for dealing with the press. Four of these caught our attention.

Never lie to a reporter
Telling a newspaper that a story is not about you when it clearly is, is not recommended.

Answer the calls of the press
Putting the phone down on a journalist is not only rude, it is the sign of a person who has lost the moral argument.

Think before you speak
Common sense really, unless you have already put the phone down on the reporter.

Keep Your Cool
Threatening a journalist with legal action for having the audacity to print something which you know to be true is generally best avoided. Ask Jonathan Aitken.

These rules were designed for property developers, but Not The Barnet Times is happy to pass on the information to anyone else who needs it. Not mentioning any names.

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