Thursday 23 July 2009

Will Brian Reynolds be next?

As regular readers know, Brian Reynolds ran up the largest expenses bill for any council officer in 2007/08.

Yesterday, Chief Executive Nick Walkley announced that Clive Medlam was leaving the council. Mr Medlam was the statutory Section 151 Officer which every council must have.

Mr Medlam’s role will be taken by Julie Oldale. No, we have never heard of her before either.

In his e-mail to councillors announcing a restructure, Mr Walkley said: “One aspect of these proposals is to create a Deputy Chief Executive post with this post having responsibility for the statutory Section 151 finance functions.”

But hold on a minute, Nicky! Brian Reynolds is already the Deputy Chief Executive. Unless there has been a change in the definition of the word ‘deputy’ you can only have one. So is Mr Reynolds being demoted or is he joining the ever increasing ranks of Barnet’s gardeners?

Will the last officer remaining please remember to switch off the lights?

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