Monday 20 July 2009

I'm Mandy - Vote For Me

One of Don’t Call Me Dave’s favourite blogs is Archbishop Cranmer. His Grace has posted an article today asking whether Peter Mandleson is preparing to become Prime Minister.

Labour’s Constitutional Destruction Reform Bill would certainly pave the way for such a nightmare glorious scenario.

Don’t Call Me Dave finds it hard to believe that Lord Rumba of Rio would be willing to give up his Peerage to fight for a seat in the House of Commons. Even he must realise that Labour will get a damn good thrashing at the next election - and not the type that his Lordship prefers! Why would this vermin in ermine risk giving up his robes and the fancy title that goes with them?

As always with Labour, the devil is in the detail. We should check the small print of the Government’s proposals to see if Peers who renounce their Peerages can automatically reclaim them at a later date - perhaps after they have been thrown out of the Commons by a public sick to death of being treated as fools?

Or perhaps Labour will simply change the law so that Peers can stand for election to the Commons without renouncing their Peerage, thereby allowing Mandy to sit in both Houses at the same time? Sitting in two houses is a skill which many parliamentarians have already acquired through their profligate use of the expenses system.

Labour has previously shown its contemptuous disregard for our constitutional heritage, so we should not be surprised if they take a chain saw to it once again for the benefit of one of their own.


Rog T said...


The words "Lord Peter Mandleson" are probably the three most compelling reasons for abolishing the House of Lords.

I'd love to see him stand for Parliament at the next election. That would be a rather interesting result.

Don't Call Me Dave said...


Given the behaviour of some of the so called honourable members, I think the Commons should be abolished before the Lords!

It is somewhat ironic that it is Labour, with its ideological opposition to an unelected Upper House, which has created all these new Peers and given them positions within the government. Perhaps Brown has done this deliberately to annoy the public so that they won’t complain about abolishing the Lords altogether. Or maybe it is the sign of a government in its death throes which just wants to stick two fingers up at us before it is voted out.

Rog T said...

Or maybe Gordon Brown is a Tory ! A full blog is in the pipeline to prove it !

Anonymous said...


You're not getting rid of buffoon Brown that easy... we don't want him!


Rog T said...


Sorry, I don't buy the "I know nothing" defence. Not in this case. He either knew or he's useless, Cameron wouldn't employ him if he thought he was useless, so Cameron must think he knew.

Rather like the many times resigned Mandy, I'd rather that when these characters resigned, they stay resigned. I rather hope McBride stays resigned from politics as well. It ain't a party thing. I actually think Cameron will ultimately be better off without him anyway.

Anonymous said...


I think you have cross posted a comment from your blog!

This one's about the House of Lords!


Rog T said...

So that's where the comment went. I was rather puzzled?????

Mind you Coulson, McBride, Mandleson personally I'd employ them all. Cleaning the bogs at the studio, where they can't do too much harm.