Wednesday 15 July 2009

Brownite Freer: The Evidence

It has been suggested many times, by Rog T and others, that Mike Freer is a Brownite.

Last year, in a typically intemperate outburst, he sneeringly called his opponents “armchair critics cosseted by family money.” It is only in the ranks of Old Labour that a class war still rages.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Geof Cooke proposed a motion to put a cap on the obscene allowances now paid to some councillors - a cap which was removed at Freer’s insistence in 2007, contrary to the guidelines of the Association of London Government (now called London Councils) who, ironically, pay Freer an allowance of £10,248 a year for attending a strenuous one meeting per month.

At a time when ordinary members of the public are suffering because of the recession, Freer has proved himself once again to be the arch proponent of snout-in-the-troughism, which is rampant in Barnet.

Speaking to the Barnet Times after the council meeting, Freer said: “The Government have made it abundantly clear that councillors should be recompensed for the duties they take on.”

So there we have it. Freer is doing what the Labour Government has told him to do. Of course, he doesn’t really want to draw over £70,000 a year in allowances, but Gordon’s told him that he must.

Freer added: “The alternative is we return to the bad old days of having only those who could afford to be councillors standing for election: the retired, the independently wealthy and trade unionists, who were given paid time to attend council.”

In an instant, Freer has insulted a generation of hard working councillors of all political persuasions who gave up their time to serve their local communities out of a sense of civic duty - not because of what they could get out of it personally.

But we should expect nothing less of the man who recently suggested that his critics masturbate whilst writing about him. Has there ever been a more crass and vulgar politician than Mike Freer?


Anonymous said...

So which of “the retired, the independently wealthy or trade unionists” was Mike Freer when he managed to bring himself to stand for the Council in the 1990s before the voters of Finchley kicked him out?

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a more crass and vulgar politician than Mike Freer?
i can think of one....