Thursday 30 July 2009

We’re all going on a summer holiday!

As dishonourable MPs start their 83 day recess to refill their troughs recharge their batteries, Not The Barnet Times will also be taking a short break.

Don’t Call Me Dave is currently working on a new web site which he hopes to launch in the autumn and will be taking some time out from reporting the shenanigans of the Trougher-in-Chief and his taxi riding lackey.

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Don’t Call Me Dave would like to remind those of his self employed readers not cosseted by family money, that their next instalment of tax is due by the end of this week. Your hard earned money is needed to help pay for the new allowances these shameless b******s have just awarded themselves on the sly.


Citizen Barnet said...

Damn, I'd forgotten about the tax.

I don't mind it too much: it pays for many good things, but I wish that it were spent differently - diverting money from the planned upgrade to Trident towards maintaining and improving public services would be one suggestion I would make.

I don't know if I will find many takers for that among readers of this blog, but it's just a suggestion.

Have a good break. Myself, I'm spending far too much time on the Isle of Wight...

Don't Call Me Dave said...


I don’t think anyone really enjoys paying tax but we accept it as the price for living in a civilised democratic society. What I find unacceptable is the amount of money squandered by politicians on pet projects with little or no intrinsic value to taxpayers.

The Tax Payers Alliance estimates that over £100 billion is spent on quangos. What do these bodies do apart from shuffling bits of paper around? Gordon Brown has hugely expanded the client state by creating hundreds of thousands of non jobs, but is bankrupting the country in the process.

art said...

when are you back?
wondering if you have some contact details for some of the barnet councillors who seem to be insisting (either knowingly or otherwise) on putting CPZs everywhere, even where they're not wanted, against the explicit wishes of the streets residents.

if you do get this message in the near future please email me at


Don't Call Me Dave said...


You can find the contact details for all Barnet councillors here: