Wednesday 6 January 2010

Keep On Troughing!

Last week we reported how Cllr Mike Freer had yet to give up the trappings of power. A report published by the council today reveals that, far from giving up his perks, the greedy trougher is actually taking on more.

There is a motion before the General Functions Committee for Mike Freer to be put in charge of the Corporate Joint Negotiation and Consultation Committee (CJNCC) - a position which carries an allowance of £5,984 a year.

Don’t Call Me Dave would like to know the justification for appointing Freer as Chairman of this committee given that he is leaving the council in less than 4 months.

His allowance is in addition to the £9,974 he receives as chairman of the council’s Pension Fund Committee, £2,493.50 as a member of the Pension Fund Management Advisory Panel, £14,000 as a member of the London Development Agency Board. Not forgetting his ‘basic’ council allowance of £9,974.

That’s over £42,000 a year of taxpayers’ money for someone who claimed he was relinquishing his public duties in order to concentrate on fighting his General Election campaign. David Cameron will be impressed!

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