Monday 28 December 2009

Hillan says Freer was a control freak

New leader of the council, Lynne Hillan, has effectively accused Mike Freer of being a control freak.

Talking to the Barnet Press, Cllr Hillan said that her leadership style was likely to differ to that of her predecessor and that she believed in delegation. Unlike Cllr Freer who, despite promising that he “would not be a back-seat driver”, has yet to give up all of the many and varied positions he holds.

As leader of Barnet, Cllr Freer was also a member of the London Councils quango which meets once a month. A spokesman confirmed to Not The Barnet Times that Freer is continuing in this role until after the January meeting when warden snatcher Hillan will take his place.

Don’t Call Me Dave is sure that the London Councils allowance, which works out at more than £850 a meeting, bore no influence on Mike Freer’s decision to continue attending meetings instead of relinquishing his post in order to campaign for the parliamentary election.

Freer is also a member of the London Development Agency Board, for which he receives an allowance of £1,750 a meeting. A spokesman for Boris Johnson has confirmed that Cllr Freer has not resigned from this position either.

Freer remains chairman of the council’s Pension Fund committee (allowance £9,974 per annum), vice chairman of the General Functions committee, as well as sitting on the Corporate Joint Negotiation and Consultation committee, the Finchley & Golders Green Area Environment sub-committee, the Pension Fund Management Advisory Panel (allowance £2,493.50 per annum) and the Special Constitution Review committee.

When other parliamentary candidates are expected to devote all of their time and effort into winning their seats, it is reassuring to know that, as always, Mike Freer’s number one priority is still Mike Freer Barnet Council.

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