Sunday 27 December 2009

Spot The Difference

When Mike Freer was instructed by David Cameron voluntarily resigned as leader of the council, he stated that he did so in order to concentrate on his bid to win Finchley and Golders Green at the next General Election.

How strange, therefore, that his place in the Cabinet should be taken by Sachin Rajput (pictured above) who is also standing at the election for the new parliamentary constituency of Brent Central.

For Cllr Rajput to accept a Cabinet post (with its modest allowance of £17,454.50) and to simultaneously put himself forward for re-election to the council in May, sends out a very strong message to the electorate that he does not actually fancy his chances of winning in Brent.

This is a position which is hardly like to endear him to David Cameron or, indeed, the loyal hard working party activists in Brent who have tirelessly supported his campaign.

Another senior Conservative MP likely to be unimpressed is Peter Luff, the Hon House Flipper for Mid Worcestershire. Looking at Cllr Rajput’s web site, it seems that our Sach can’t tell the difference between him and Peter Lilley!

UPDATE: 29.12.09 Cllr Rajput has now corrected the error on his website. What a pity that none of his friends pointed out the mistake to him earlier. I guess it proves which blog is at the top of their reading list.

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Rog T said...

One rather interesting point struck me reading your blog. Jane Ellison quit being a councillor when she was selected to be a PPC in Battersea. I asked her why and she said that as they were different parts of London she couldn't do a good job in both (or words to that effect). She said that it was different for Freer and Offord as they were still within the Borough. Surely by Jane's logic, Brent, Barnet or both are being short changed.