Saturday 26 December 2009

Not for onward transmission

It is a sure sign of weak leadership when even your so called friends take no notice of anything you say.

Take the e-mail above sent by warden snatcher Cllr Lynne Hillan just five days after she became leader of the council. It was written in response to a joke e-mail from Cllr Joan Scannell suggesting that it would be cheaper to see out your days in a Holiday Inn hotel rather than a nursing home.

One can only imagine how Lynne Hillan’s children must be feeling at the news that their mother is devoid of the natural maternal instinct to provide them with an inheritance.

But equally we can only speculate as to how Cllr Hillan must be feeling to discover that an e-mail clearly marked “Not for onward transmission” found its way to Not The Barnet Times.

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