Monday 7 December 2009

Council’s Auditors Slam Freer’s Administration

Barnet Council has been heavily criticised by its auditors, Grant Thornton. Their report, which is being presented to the Audit Committee on 16th December, is a damning indictment of Mike Freer’s reign as Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Resources.

After six years of Freerconomics, the council has attained only Level 2 in the following five categories, where Level 2 is defined as meeting the bare minimum requirements.
  • Understanding costs
  • Commissioning and procurement
  • Environmental management
  • Internal control
  • Asset management
Click the image below to enlarge or here to download the full report.

The findings, regrettable as they are, come as no surprise to Don’t Call Me Dave who has highlighted on countless occasions the council’s failure to cut costs and safeguard taxpayers’ money, for example:-
All of which is before you add on the estimated £500,000 overspend on the Town Hall refurbishment project, and £112,000 spent on a microphone system that doesn’t actually work.

It is somewhat ironic that the Auditor’s report is being presented to the Audit Committee the day after Mike Freer steps down as leader of the council, so it looks as if other councillors will once again have to carry the can for Freer’s failures.

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