Sunday 21 June 2009

Bridge over troubled Hendon

Sources close to the Cabinet have told Not The Barnet Times that Cllr Andrew Harper has changed his mind and will now throw his hat into the ring for the leadership contest due to take place this autumn when Mike Freer is told by Conservative Central Office to quit steps down.

Last Thursday, Cllr Harper appeared before the Business Management Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee to defend the Aerodrome Road bridge debacle where the project is £11 million over budget.

Harper’s line was that the council was na├»ve about the costs and that it was not poor project management but rather poor estimating. He claimed that taxpayers have got a good deal. Goodness knows what a bad deal would be in the world of Andrew Harper.

With logic like this, and a refusal to apologise to taxpayers for yet another cock-up, Mr Harper is probably the ideal candidate to replace Teflon Freer.

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Rog T said...

I had high hopes for that young whippersnapper Harper, but he hasn't exactly shone. All of the cabinet voted for the warden cuts and that will haunt the lot of them for years.