Tuesday 30 June 2009

Blog Of The Year

As we approach the half way point of the year, Not The Barnet Times has decided to break with convention and make an award for the best blog of 2009 - so far!

Competition has been fierce, but in the unanimous view of the judge, the most outstanding article was written by none other that Barnet’s own Rog T whose post on 13th June 2009 succinctly demonstrated the similarity between Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Council Leader Mike Freer.

Not The Barnet Times is pleased to publish an extract of the award winning blog below. The full post can be viewed here:

10 Reasons why
Gordon Brown Mike Freer should resign today

1. He wasn't the Leader at the last election

2. He plotted behind the scenes to depose the man who the country Barnet elected

3. He has used his leadership to promote a raft of people who clearly aren't up to the job

4. When the country went into recession Barnet Council lost £27.4 Million in Iceland he took no responsibility whatsoever despite being Prime Minister Council Leader and Cabinet Member for resource management, with a £3,000 responsibility allowance

5. He is happy to tolerate a Cabinet full of people who have gorged themselves on expenses allowances

6. He has promoted people such as Peter Mandleson Brian Coleman despite a long history of scandals

7. He never apologises for his mistakes

8. He is the architect of shameful policies which have destroyed peoples pensions will destroy the Sheltered Housing system and threaten the wellbeing of the Great Britain’s Barnet's elderly

9. He has become a laughing stock, which is bad for Britain Barnet

10. He has completely lost touch with the voters.

Congratulations Rog. Your prize is the reinstatement of the warden service which you can collect just as soon democracy and accountability are restored to Great Britain Barnet Council.


Rog T said...


Thank you very much. I hope to collect my prize very soon.

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, it is a tablet laptop. Go to the Big Yellow Storage unit in Finchley and give Nick Walkey's name. It's waiting there for you! Tell them you only need one, not 300.