Wednesday 10 June 2009

Barnet pays for Ronnie Biggs but not for wardens

The London Evening Standard has published an article revealing that Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs will spend his final days in a nursing home, at a cost to Barnet taxpayers of tens of thousands of Pounds a year.

As Mike Freer’s Cabinet strips wardens from honest, decent people who fought for their country, it is nothing less than an outrage that Barnet Council is forking out for 24 hour nursing care for Britain's biggest crook.

Freer told opponents of the warden cuts: “If you don't like our policies, you can vote us out in 2010” but he won’t care if the Conservatives lose control next year because he won’t be standing for council again. It means that other councillors will have to fight a campaign to defend a policy that was not of their choosing - although they have done precious little to stop it.

At the next General Election, residents of Finchley & Golders Green should let Freer know what they think of his wicked policy which discriminates in favour of a common thief over respectable citizens.

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