Friday 15 August 2008

14,000 Cheers For Mike Freer

Many Barnet residents were greatly concerned at the recent news that council leader and wannabe MP Mike Freer had given up his job as a banker. How would he get by on his measly Council allowance of just £47,000 a year? Well fear not, because Mayor of London BoJo has come to the rescue and appointed Cllr Freer as a Board Member of the London Development Agency.

This exciting position, which requires Cllr Freer to attend 8 Board meetings a year, carries an allowance of £14,000 per annum. By my calculation, that works out at £1,750 a meeting - but well worth it for the services of someone with so much hands on experience of planning and regeneration.

Pensioners, council workers (who are being offered a pay rise of 2.45% - less than half the increase in the Retail Price Index) and indeed all those who are struggling with the never ending rising cost of living will none the less be glad to make even more cutbacks so that they can pay that little bit extra in their council tax bill to help fund this new allowance for Cllr Freer and keep the wolf from his door.

Of course, Cllr Freer could set an example of pay restraint during these difficult economic times and refuse to accept the allowance. Should he do so, all residents would undoubtedly praise him for this selfless sacrifice.


Anonymous said...

Funding for the LDA doesn't come from the Council Tax or the GLA precept. Your judgement is so clouded by jealousy that you can't even get your facts right.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

So it's funded by the tooth fairy is it?

Anonymous said...

No, it comes from central government, however the entire basis of your rant is that the poor council tax payers of Barnet will be picking up the bill via their council tax. Why exactly shouldn't someone be renumerated for a position they have been appointed to?

Anonymous said...

Another useless money wasting quango. Trebles all round!

Anonymous said...

Anon says "No, it comes from central government"

So you think Central Gov just prints its own money? Every pound they spend has been taken from us one way or another! When grants are handed over to local authorities, it's our own money.

The question isn't about whether people should be remunerated for doing a good job, but whether the job should have been offered in the first place. There are far too many useless quangos and our money could be far better spent.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Some people can’t see the woods for the trees. The fact remains that members of the LDA Board are appointed by the Mayor at his sole discretion. Even if this quango serves some useful purpose, its composition is entirely based on patronage. At the very least, given that such a large amount of public money is being spent, there should have been a proper recruitment process so that only those with the requisite skills and experience were appointed.

Rog T said...


It seems that that well respected local commentator "anonymous" is on again defending Mike Freer. No surprise there

Funny how Mr Anon is so conversant with the T&C's of the deal.

Who do they think they are kidding?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I don’t mind Cllr Freer’s poodles posting their messages on here, but the fact they do so anonymously simply proves what a spineless bunch they are. Notice how they attack me rather than address the points I raise.