Tuesday 12 January 2010

Fined by CCTV. Unless you are a Barnet councillor.

The Daily Telegraph reports today that an increasing number of councils now use CCTV to catch motorists breaking parking rules, generating more than £3 million a year in fines.

A spokesman for the Local Government Association defended the practice: “Parking restrictions are in place to keep people safe on our streets and keep roads clear for the emergency services. Councils will not apologise for giving out parking tickets to stop cars parking illegally. If people do not want to get a parking ticket, they should not park illegally.”

Of course, this doesn’t apply in Barnet where the council still refuses to issue a ticket to Cllr Andreas Tambourgreedy who illegally parked his car on Avondale Avenue last July, despite a London wide prohibition against parking on the pavement.

Perhaps the person from Conservative Central Office who monitors this blog daily would be kind enough to let us know what David Cameron thinks of law breaking councillors?

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Drew said...

Barnet council look the other way if it suits their purposes. On the Monkfrith Estate (Brunswick Park ward) local residents are forced to park on the pavement due to the speeders (law breakers) and the sheer volume of traffic that everyday utilises the Monkfrith Estate as a 'rat run'. Once beautiful tree lined roads are now simply noise and pollution tunnels. Local Cllrs. Hillan, Cutter & Tambourides are failing local residents by not addressing this issue. It is a treacherous policy they are pursuing.