Tuesday 19 January 2010

These boots were made for flying

On Monday, Barnet blogger Rog T drew our attention to an astonishing interview on Radio 4 with warden snatcher council leader Lynne Hillan in which she revealed that the council’s planning department employs a “relationship manager” paid for by housing developer Fairview Homes. No conflict of interest there!

Don’t Call Me Dave
wonders whether this most unusual appointment was made before or after 24th September 2009 when Cllr Hillan and her predecessor Cllr Mike Freer were taken by Fairview on a helicopter ride and given a pair of boots each?

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Rog T said...

I wonder how any residents who live next to Fairview Homes developments in Barnet and who wish to object to the plans will feel when they know that Fairview have their own relationship manager on the cards at Barnet Council and that the company take the Past and present leaders out for free helicopter rides?

I know how I'd feel