Friday 15 January 2010


Don’t Call Me Dave received a telephone call today from one of our esteemed councillors regarding last night’s blog concerning a planning application for a property owned by warden snatcher Cllr Lynne Hillan.

“What difference does it make,” the councillor asked, “whether Cllr Hillan has registered her interest or not? She was not the person making the planning application.”

For the record, DCMD does not know whether Cllr Hillan had registered her interest prior to the planning application being submitted but, if not, he is sure that she will now wish to do so.

But the answer to the councillor’s question is really quite simple. The property has been empty for some time, which is costing Cllr Hillan’s company money as it has to pay business rates. With no tenant in the property, there is also a loss of potential rent.

If the application for a change of use is approved by the council, her new tenant will be able to take occupation and pay the rates and rent. There is therefore a material financial benefit to Cllr Hillan in this application being approved. That is why her interest needs to be recorded.

Given that the applicant, Mr Antoniou, is unlikely to sign a lease for the property without the change of use being approved, Cllr Hillan must now say whether she had any involvement in the submission of the planning application.

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Rog T said...

As ever it seems that Barnets esteemed Tory Councillors do not understand the importance of attention to detail