Sunday 25 April 2010

A Statement from Brian Coleman

“Colleagues who have seen the front page of the Hendon Times may well be concerned for my welfare.

Contrary to what the newspaper says I am not being investigated by the Police who having received a complaint from Mrs Linda Edwards ( a candidate for the Resident Association in Edgware Ward) decided that even if her allegations are true (which they are not) there was no criminal activity .

Needless to say the Hendon Times failed as usual to check their facts

Linda Edwards is Chief Executive of the Larches Trust one of my Mayoral Charities for which I and colleagues have been working flat out to raise money for during my Mayoral year and I did point out to her that in my view certain people should stay outside Party Politics, Civil Servants, Local Government Officers and Chief Executives of Voluntary organisations . I also pointed out to her that she had been nominated by a convicted fraudster , disqualified former Councillor Alan Sloam and that as a courtesy to me and the work I have been doing for the Larches Trust ( of which I am a Patron) she might have mentioned her intention to stand for election to the Council.

Mrs Edwards saw fit to brief journalists at the same time as she made her complaint and indeed I only learnt of the matter from a journalist

I am grateful as ever for colleagues support although I fully accept that the usual leakers will ensure this appears on the blogs quite rapidly”


Citizen Barnet said...

He was correct on the last point at least.

On the substantive point, I can't think of one earthly reason why Linda Edwards shouldn't have stood, or one reason why she should tell the council.

As for Alan Sloam, he has done his time for his crime and he has a right to nominate. Perhaps Edwards did not know about his conviction?

Sloam's crime was bad. But Coleman, while not committing any crime, has behaved so badly throughout his council and GLA career that most people think it "criminal" he should still be holding public office.

Rog T said...

A certain local politician once told me (back in the days when he talked to me without foaming at the mouth) "Never explain, never apologise".

One has to conclude that he has cracked.

baarnett said...

The Times, in its original story, reported that Ms Edwards alleged said that Mr Coleman had also "talked" to a second, named member of the charity. What became of that?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Baarnett, I suspect this story still has some mileage in it yet. The arrogance of Brian Coleman knows no bounds, it seems, in that he sees nothing improper in telephoning another candidate to tell her that he doesn’t think she should have the right to stand. Perhaps Mr Coleman could prepare a list of people who would be suitable candidates?

The problem for the charity is that Coleman is so vindictive, that it would come as no surprise if he didn’t try and get this lady removed from her position.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that list already exists, DCMD!

Mrs Angry said...

A Statement From Mrs Angry.

No one is really concerned about your welfare, Brian, let's be honest.

If the police decided there was no criminal activity, then there must have been some investigation at some point in order to make that decision.

Using Capital Letters inappropriately should be a Criminal Offence, and at the very least is amusingly representative of your Pomposity and Over Inflated Ego.

Mrs Edwards does not have to inform you of her political activity. Do you never bring political opinions into your involvement with charities or voluntary groups? Trouble is, as usual, you think that the rules which apply to others should not apply to you, don't you?