Sunday 11 April 2010

Lynne Hillan Paxmanned!

From the Barnet Bugle

Lynne Hillan, Leader of Barnet Council, refuses to answer a question about Future Shape put to her three times on BBC’s Politics Show.

It is an excruciatingly embarrassing performance.


Steve said...

To be fair, she does answer in the end, bin collections

"If you can recycle more and create less waste, then you are entitled to a rebate"

Mike Freer would disagree with her though.

...Mike Freer said "The Labour Government should dump this idea, many households are already suffering from the rising costs of living and to charge households to throw away their rubbish will punish families with children by an extra £100 a year more than they currently pay".

Maybe there is a difference between a charge for using more or a rebate for using less? Though, the easy model surely suggests you get a surcharge.

See here

Anonymous said...

She didn't give an answer at all. She responded.

Her response was to talk about something that is already happening. It's already a proposal. For example in the great Conservative Council in Windsor and Maidenhead, they pay people to recycle.

No catches. No snooping. No bureaucracy. Listening to the old Labour proposal from Ms Howard / Hillan on the TV she talks of a three stage test to getting your own money back.

How will you will prevent or know if your smaller wheelie bin hasn't had stuff flytipped in it after it was put out? Say you 'just' miss on the target? How many Officers will be needed to administer this three fold test? Will there be an appeal system?

By just incentivising people directly to recycle more then people will be 'nudged' to do the 'right thing'. That's the Conservative way, I would suggest.