Tuesday 27 April 2010

A song for Peter Mandelson

Music for the election, No 4: Wipeout by the Surfaris

Dedicated to Lord Rumba of Rio following another smug, self righteous and evasive performance from him at a press conference this morning when a journalist had the temerity to ask questions about Labour’s spending cuts.

Don’t Call Me Dave hopes that the electorate will tell Mandleson in no uncertain terms precisely how they feel about his patronising and condescending ways, and wipe Labour of the face of the political map.

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loveandtheplanet said...

I love that song, but it is a relief to find someone who hates Peter Mandelson as much as I do. There are genuine Aristocrats with blue blood whom have more humility and class than that sham pain socialist who is an embarrassment to Man Doll Sin.