Thursday 29 April 2010

Brian Coleman - Economical with the Actualité

Barnet’s inglorious First Citizen, Brian Coleman, just can’t keep out of the news it seems. The Barnet Bugle reports that his phone call to Mrs Linda Edwards, Chief Executive of the Larches Trust, is featured in the Rotten Boroughs section of Private Eye.

Meanwhile Don’t Call Me Dave has received an e-mail from an avid reader pointing out a rather disturbing discrepancy with Coleman’s version of events. Speaking to the Barnet Times, which broke the story, Coleman denied speaking to Mrs Edwards, saying: “I do not recall a phone call”. But in an e-mail to his council colleagues, he admitted that he had indeed made the call saying: “I did point out to her that in my view certain people should stay outside Party Politics”.

This is the same Brian Coleman who, when under investigation by the Standards Committee for sending an abusive e-mail to Rog T, said: “This has absolutely nothing to do with me, nothing whatsoever, and if you say otherwise you will be hearing from my Solicitor” even though Banker of the Year Mike Freer had already confirmed to the press that Coleman was, indeed, under investigation.

DCMD is sure there is a word for someone who tells an untruth, knowing it to be untrue.

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Mrs Angry said...

Gosh,that must have been anexpensive phone call, Brian, listing the people you think should stay outside party politics, ie everyone but you ... I suppose we pay for your phone calls, do we?