Friday 23 April 2010

Where is Gordon?

Don’t Call Me Dave received a Labour leaflet today delivered by the postman. All the candidates in the General Election are entitled to have one leaflet delivered at public expense. DCMD is not convinced that hard pressed taxpayers should have to pay to receive political propaganda.

But what was most striking about the Labour leaflet was that it contained no mention whatsoever of Gordon Brown. Has there ever been an election in modern history where the party leader does not even get a mention in the leaflet, let alone the usual obligatory mug shot with the candidate?

It is perhaps not surprising that Labour do not want to mention Gordon Brown. After all, this is the man who, single handedly, has almost bankrupted our once great nation. This is the man who cost the nation £6 billion by selling off our gold at rock bottom prices and who has raided pension funds to the tune of £5 billion a year - every year! The same man who sent our troops into battle in Iraq and Afghanistan without the necessary life saving equipment.

Curiously, the Labour leaflet fails to mention their plans to introduce ID cards, 90 days detention without trial and a scheme to monitor every email and phone call in the UK. No mention either of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) which allows unelected and unaccountable council officers to conduct covert surveillance on residents who have committed no crime Under Labour, we have sleepwalked into a totalitarian state. We live in a surveillance society with cameras on every corner monitoring our lawful activities and where public officials can now enter our homes without a magistrate’s warrant.

But if one aspect of this leaflet sums up 13 years of Labour’s mismanagement of our economy better than anything else, it is the surname of their candidate - Welfare. Gordon Brown is responsible for the massive expansion of a dependent client state by creating hundreds of thousands of socially useless and unproductive public sector non-jobs - paid for by ordinary middle class workers - for no other purpose than to keep his party in power.

We cannot afford five more minutes of Gordon Brown, let alone five years.


Anonymous said...

It seems Mr Welfare agrees with you on Gordon Brown. Wherea you couldn't bare five more minutes; he couldn't bare to use 5 square millimeters!

baarnett said...

Agree with much of that.

But (whatever his actual motivation) the pension change reduced the subsidy to the middle classes from all of society, just as with the ending of mortgage tax relief.

Rog T said...


Are you really surprised the Gordons smiling mugshot wasn't on the leaflet?

You'll be pleased top know that the Lib Dems have no such qualms about sticking Nicks mugshot on anything that moves right now

Mrs Angry said...

... almost singlehandedly bankrupted our great nation? What? I think you'll find it was some of Posh Boy's investment banker chums who were to blame for that one. As for RIPA, you needn't worry about council officers conducting covert surveillance in easyBarnet, darling,it would take too much effort. Mind you, if I catch that Brian Coleman peering through my letterbox again I'll be bloody annoyes, I can tell you ...

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Mrs Angry

The damage was done by Brown’s reckless expansion of the money supply which heralded in a decade of unsustainably cheap credit. Yes, greedy bankers played their part, but it was Gordon Brown who created the conditions for them to take unnecessary risks with the economy by the removal of effective regulation of the banking sector.

As for RIPA, Barnet Council has used its powers under this Act many times and continues to do so, but with no scrutiny whatsoever from our elected representatives. But of course the officers know best, don’t they?

Mrs Angry said...

Go on, I am intrigued: when do they use these magic powers? Should I be lining my windows with tinfoil? But seriously, the things that certain officers of this council get up to when they are being scrutinised is bad enough, God knows what havoc they could wreak if they used their own intiative.