Saturday 17 April 2010

Freer’s insane housing policies to be outlawed

One of former council leader and wannabe MP Mike Freer’s final gifts to Barnet was to push through the massive redevelopment scheme at Brent Cross, despite some of the fiercest opposition ever witnessed in local government planning history.

The Conservative Party states in its manifesto:
“A Conservative government will introduce a new “open source” planning system. This will mean that people in each neighbourhood will be able to specify what kind of development they wish to see in their area. These neighbourhood plans will be consolidated into a local plan. We will abolish the entire bureaucratic and undemocratic tier of regional planning, including the Regional Spatial Strategies and building targets.”
The irony will not be lost on Barnet residents if Mike Freer is ordered by party whips to vote for legislation which would prevent other council leaders from acting in the same arrogant and cavalier manner as he did. Assuming that he is elected to Parliament, of course.


Mrs Angry said...

Can you show us what is happening in the rest of the photograph? or has it been censored?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Sorry Mrs Angry, but this is a family blog.

Mrs Angry said...

Is he clutching the latest issue of 'The Banker'?