Tuesday 28 December 2010

Separated at birth?

Has anyone else noticed the remarkable similarity between LibDem Vince Cable, beleaguered Secretary of State for Business, and Conservative Brian Coleman, Barnet Cabinet Member for canap├ęs?

Both have a highly inflated ego and sense of self importance.

Both have a reputation for indiscretion and opening mouth before engaging brain.

Both allow their prejudices to interfere with the smooth running of their departments. Coleman’s contempt of the Fire Brigades Union held up negotiations over revised working practices, whilst Cable’s undisguised hatred of Rupert Murdoch was incompatible with his quasi-judicial role to rule on the proposed News International/BSkyB merger.

Neither men allow principles to stand in the way of holding down a public position carrying a high salary. Coleman opposes high density housing but has consistently voted for it in Council. Cable opposes university tuition fees but actually introduced the Bill which will treble them to £9,000.

Perhaps this is a coalition of equals after all?


baarnett said...

It is yet another case of arrogance by a politician, claiming to be a key - no, THE key, member of the government. Delusion, perhaps caused by years in the political wilderness.

However, I cannot see why ANY politician should have "quasi-judicial" control over anything. They should either have open POLITICAL control of matters - which would be difficult in commercial decisions - or they should devise policies and hand them totally over to judges or officials or (very-small, low-cost) quangoes to administer.

It is quite reasonable for the world to oppose the Dirty Digger. A Telegraph/Guardian/etc. opinion poll says 70% of the public think that.

Mr Murdoch may have bet the farm on the success of Sky TV in the 1980s, and "risk deserves reward". But his constant meddling in politics, and the need for all politicians to suck up to him, loses any sympathy from me.

Moaneybat said...


Judges are there to expound the law, but sadly many underping government policy, as for unaccountable quangoes and officials being in charge is an abdication of both Ministerial Accountabilty and Responsibility. A| the delegated level of Government - it;s worse, note how the two clowns of Freer and MOfford gtot elected to srve those they've rip[ped off to he tune of £50 million appx.

baarnett said...

Well, I am questioning the "half-way house" of politicians supposedly making judicial decisions.

If politicians are involved, then the whole process should be openly political. Vince Cable was not actually trying to kick Murdoch businesses out of Britain, just clipping his wings.

And if he could ask for, and get, Cabinet approval for such a policy, then he could openly say he was opposed to Murdoch, instead of quietly saying it in constituency surgeries.

Equally, politicians could try and stop major British companies being purchased from abroad. Other countries do that. Maybe the British economy is TOO open.

Moaneybat said...

The true "half-way house" is the Human Rights Act 1998. You won't see Cameron Clegg or Cable repealing any of it and giving the UK a true Bill of Rights so that both, the citizen and the executive know the Rules of the Game.

On Foreign ownership, see 'Kraft Foods." I get the point on overseas ownership. Maybe the British Rail Companies should be foreign owned, because they're doing a better job of their own unlike ours, who do get a Taxpayer subsidy as well as keep all their profits.

Sadly, 30 years ago the 'Cable' generation down to age 48, gave rise to what we have today, and we deserve all the 'sh--e' we get for being a short-sighted nation stuck in 1660 with two opposing kindred spirits, both taking it out on the low-waged. Note the 'Conservative' newspaper that exposed a 'pensioner' pretending to have a six pack -- that he did not have in politics.

Cable will appreciate, the Indian owners of Jaguar recognising the idea of a family business,(BMW a family) it installed two Germans, to lead the manufacture of a British product.Profits to the Lost Jewel in the Crown.