Friday 10 December 2010

Lies, damned lies and politicians

Don’t Call Me Dave has just watched Boy Wonder Ed Miliband on the news criticising the Liberal Democrats for breaking their election pledge over tuition fees. He said that this kind of action damages trust in politics.

Is this the same Ed Miliband whose party promised not to introduce tuition fees in their 2001 manifesto only to do so three years later? Or promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in the 2005 campaign only to renege on that pledge as well?

The simple truth is this: politicians are all just opportunistic hypocrites, and nothing short of a revolution will rid us of the cancer which is destroying our country.


Mrs Angry said...

Crikey:DCMD at the barricades!But maybe something close to a revolution is starting, in a very British way ... Charles and Camilla's faces in the royal car had a look of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette trying to flee Paris in their coach, I thought ...

Moaneybat said...


Fully agree, however let us see the next generation who showed the Crown last night, they might be up for a revolution against their government

Mrs Angry,

do we learn the La Marseillaise, the French Royals whom inherited a government deeply in debt, and a society in which entrenched privilege made it difficult if not impossible to effect the social, economic, and political reforms that were necessary both to solve the and to keep up with a rapidly changing society and economy.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Mrs Angry

DCMD is, of course, suggesting that any revolution would have to be non violent in a typically understated British way. But nothing less than a complete sea change is needed in order to restore trust between electors and elected.

The attack on the Royal car was totally unacceptable and students do their cause no good at all when these incidents occur (assuming students were responsible and not rent-a-mob as is often the case). Some will argue that Prince Charles has abused his Constitutional position so many times by speaking out on issues which are important to him, that it was somehow justified for his future subjects to also break the rules. DCMD does not believe that two wrongs make a right, but politicians have to understand that if you repeatedly breach the trust of the people who elect you, they are going to get angry.

Moaneybat said...

Mrs Angry,

Breach of Trust results in damages or specific performance, i tdoes indeed make people angry, anger sometimes does result in reckless acts to remove government and leaders however peaceful protest also sometimes achieves the same result but only if those politicians understand the game is up. Four and half years is a long time I suspect the game will be up for some before then.