Friday 7 May 2010

An open letter to Lord Mandelson

Dear Lord Mandelson

I watched you on television last night complaining about the fiasco at some polling stations. You said it gave an unfair advantage to the Tories because “Conservatives vote earlier”.

Are you pathologically incapable of speaking anything other than complete and utter bollocks? You have lost the election but because you and your deranged, deluded and demented leader are unwilling to accept the will of the people, you are now trying to do some grubby deal which will allow you to keep your hands on the reigns of power and your greedy snouts in the trough.

Do us all a favour Pete. Just fuck off.

Yours sincerely

Don’t Call Me Dave

Regular readers will hopefully forgive DCMD for this uncharacteristic vocabulary malfunction.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

You should remove everything from I to Pete. It will be more direct :)

Rog T said...

Eloquently put