Tuesday 4 May 2010

Let us all praise Brian Coleman

Mayor of Barnet, Brian Coleman, regularly receives bad press which, for the most part, is fully justified. However, Not The Barnet Times is not afraid to praise Cllr Coleman when he does something right.

The picture below appears in the current edition of the Jewish Chronicle. It was taken at a recent fund raising dinner which raised a staggering £450,000 for Langdon - a charity which supports young Jewish adults with mild to moderate learning difficulties. According to the paper, most of the funds raised at the event will support The Quadrant - a £1.75 million project providing accommodation and a drop-in community centre in Edgware.

Don’t Call Me Dave sends his sincere and hearty congratulations to everyone involved in raising a magnificent amount for such a worthwhile cause.

Pictured with Cllr Coleman are his mother and Mr John Kelmanson, Liquidator of Lynne Hillan’s business Ashurst Direct Marketing Ltd, which regular readers will recall crashed with debts of over £121,000 including more than £10,500 owed to the taxman.

As Liquidator, Mr Kelmanson was required to raise as much money as possible to pay off creditors. Unfortunately, the amount he recovered was precisely nothing. Not even a penny.

According to the Statement of Affairs filed at Companies House, the company had no assets whatsoever which could be sold off to pay creditors. Not even a desk, filing cabinet, table lamp or even a box of paperclips.

If a Liquidator suspects that assets have been hidden from creditors, he can submit a report to the Department of Trade (or whatever it is called this week). Fortunately for Cllr Hillan, Mr Kelmanson did not submit such a report, allowing her to continue running her other company, Silverdale Ltd, from the same location, and possibly sitting at the same desk, leaving everyone else to pick up the cost of her failure. How lucky we are in Barnet that Cllr Hillan is now in charge of the council’s finances.


Citizen Barnet said...

How lucky we are that it's still who you know, not what you know in this country.

Mrs Angry said...

My eyesight isn't what it was: is that masonic regalia Mr Coleman is modelling or his usual bling?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

It's the Mayoral chain.

Mrs Angry said...

Of course, what a silly mistake. And goodness me, there's going to be a fight to get that off him, isn't there? As you say, though, good to see Barnet is safe in the hands of people with proven business skills, high standards of practice: and an impressive flair for social networking.