Wednesday 2 September 2009

Not The Barnet Times Goes Weekly

For the next few months, Not The Barnet Times will be published on weekends only - unless there are any breaking stories which just can’t wait!

Don’t Call Me Dave is currently working on a book publishing project and, mad fool that he is, will shortly embark on an Open University course which requires 16 hours a week of study.

Barnet is well represented in the blogosphere with Rog T’s Barnet Eye, VickiM and Mr Toad, so residents still have plenty of choice for their news. However, as a card carrying member of the Conservative Party, Don’t Call Me Dave is saddened that there are no other active right wing blogs in Barnet apart from his. Perhaps Statler & Waldorf will now wake from their sherry induced slumber?

This weekend’s blog will discuss the ongoing easyCouncil row. Don’t Call Me Dave thinks that likening council services to easyJet and Ryanair is reminiscent of Gerard Ratner calling his jewellery “crap”.

DCMD will also discuss Melvin Cohen’s shameful attempt to justify pocketing more public money, and the slight disagreement between Brian Coleman and Mike Freer over the Brent Cross regeneration project.

In the mean time, to keep you amused, here is a clip from last week’s X Factor which, for some reason, did not make it onto the ITV1 show.


Rog T said...


Not that it really is a worry to me, but without your blog the average punter on the street in Barnet would think all of our local Torys are, shall we say, a tad out of touch with the average person.

Not that it would ever really occur to Freer and his cronies, but to a lot of people in Barnet your blog is seen as a voice of reason from the Barnet Tory party and it stops it being dismissed as completely full of basket cases.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Thank you Rog for those kind words!

I think most members of the public already realise that Barnet council is not representative of mainstream Conservatism. There are many excellent Tory councils in London and around the country which provide first class low cost services for residents, and understand the need for democratic accountability, not bullying and intimidation.

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

Very best of luck DCMD. And you're right of course - a little right wing blogging in Barnet would provide some nice balance (my own blog attempts to be non-party political)