Thursday 10 September 2009

No sanction. No Surprise.

Mayor of Barnet, Brian Coleman, was today found guilty of breaching the Members Code of Conduct for calling Rog T an obsessive poisonous liar. The Standards Sub-Committee hearing the case decided that no sanction should be imposed on the First Citizen of the Borough.

This should come as no surprise to anyone. It was only recently that the sub-committee decided to take no action against Leader Mike Freer for calling residents “nutters” and “a pain in the arse” as well as crudely suggesting that bloggers masturbate whilst writing about him.

When it comes to taking no action, Barnet Council has form. Following the 2004 High Court ruling that the sale of land at Underhill was unlawful, the Borough Solicitor - legally responsible for approving and signing the sale contract - was not sacked or even demoted. Rather, he was promoted to Head of Corporate Governance. That taught him a lesson!

Apparently, the Standards Committee will be writing to the Council with recommendations for councillor training. What does that say about the calibre of councillor in this borough that they need to be trained not to call residents liars or wankers?

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Sizeofthedog said...

So why keep him as chair of the fire authority? It seems as though he's an unpleasant person who seeks out every opportunity to belittle his fellow man by dint of his own perceived status & takes great pleasure in winding people up who disagree with him by abusing his position of relative authority. Plus he's good at using taxpayers money. Taxi anyone? Who needs it if you've got the mayoral jag! Boris has had to get rid of other 'experts' in his team. Why not Mr Coleman? Has he breached standards of behaviuor as chair of the fire authority?