Tuesday 4 August 2009

You heartless bastards!

Don’t Call Me Dave thanks Hijacker for holding the fort for a few days, but feels compelled to interrupt his well deserved break to report on Milton Keynes council which imposed a £68 penalty on grieving mother Terrie Rouse, who spent an extra ten minutes at the side of her dead baby Zane’s coffin.

The Daily Telegraph reports a council spokesman saying: "We understand this has been a distressing time for this family but we are willing to listen if there are difficulties and extenuating circumstances that need to be considered."

What kind of moron doesn’t realise that the death of a five week old child represents an extenuating circumstance?

DCMD understands that when recruiting staff, councils cannot discriminate on grounds of race, gender or sexual orientation. But surely they are allowed to discriminate on the grounds of ability?

The council has now agreed to refund the charges, but they should never have been imposed in the first place.

DCMD is disturbed to note that it is not just in Barnet where heartless public officials extort payments from grieving parents.


Anonymous said...

I think by now it's safe to change the article to "a former spokesman for Milton Keynes Council said..."

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Anon, I would like to hope you are right, but if Milton Keynes council is run anything like Barnet, then the person responsible will have been given a pay rise and offered counselling to deal with the stress caused by all those nasty people writing such horrible articles in the papers.