Tuesday 25 August 2009

The Enemy Within

Last night’s Panorama programme on BBC1 featured the plight of elderly residents living in sheltered accommodation, who are now facing the loss of their warden service.

Not The Barnet Times has reported on this shameful treatment of our elderly residents many times - enter the keyword ‘Wardens’ into the search box above right for the full listing.

Don’t Call Me Dave simply cannot comprehend how a Conservative Administration can act in such a cold, callous and calculating manner, especially when the public consultation found overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the existing service.

Barnet Council claims that changes need to be made to save £400,000. Leader Mike Freer and his sidekick Brian Coleman receive almost £200,000 a year between them in allowances from the public purse. As the Americans say: “You do the math.”

Many of the residents now facing the loss of their wardens fought for this country so that little twerps like Freer and Coleman could play at being grown up politicians. Churchill must be spinning in his grave.

Barnet is facing a legal challenge to the proposed cuts, and all decent right minded people will be hoping that it is successful. If not, rest assured that at the next election, Not The Barnet Times will remind the public precisely who voted to axe the warden service.

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Shibby said...

They ignored millions of people who opposed the Iraq war.

Who's to say they'd ever listen to a handful of elderlies?