Friday 14 August 2009

End Of The Apprentice

As regular readers are aware, Don’t Call Me Dave is supposed to be on a blog break during the parliamentary summer recess. He decided to allow Hijacker to keep the blog warm in his absence.

However, it has now become painfully clear that he simply isn’t up to the job!

Unlike public authorities, where incompetence is not a hindrance to promotion, DCMD does not suffer fools gladly. So, with regret, he has no alternative but to say: “Hijacker. You’re fired!”


Rog T said...

He'll clearly do very well at Barnet Council.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Who says that Hijacker does not already work for the council? ;-)

Mrs T said...

That would explain much !

Anonymous said...

Is it going to fall on me to blow the lid off of this and reveal that the former intern, Hijacker is in fact (soon to be binned) Deputy Chief Executive, Brian Reynolds?

I hasten to add my source for this explosive revelation is not Don'tCallMeDave.