Saturday 4 April 2009

Spot The Difference

“The credit crisis has hit Barnet but it does not mean that we have lost any money and therefore we cannot at this time say how any services or capital projects, if any, will be affected.”

Leader Listens, 23rd October 2008

“…A lot of creditors will not be paid back in full. There simply aren’t the assets left in the collapsed banks that would be sufficient to pay all creditors.”
Gylfi Magnusson, Icelandic Business Minister, 19th February 2009

“…Residents can be assured that if the Icelandic authorities refuse to honour our deposits I will continue to press the Chancellor for a guarantee that he will provide the taxpayers of this borough with the same protection he has given to the banking sector who exposed themselves to the same institutions.
Leader Listens, 23rd October 2008

“They [Councils] have a duty to the taxpayer diligently to protect the money they are investing on their behalf. Some authorities have shown themselves to be better than others in this regard. Under these circumstances, it would seem perverse to reward those authorities who failed to protect their investment with yet more money from the taxpayer.”
All Party Treasury Select Committee, 3rd April 2009

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