Wednesday 1 April 2009

Barnet orders new limousines for Mayor

Another Barnet Council Watch Exclusive!

Barnet Council has decided to replace its two Mayoral limousines at a cost of £60,000 each. Although the existing cars are relatively new, the council is ready to defend the decision against the likely barrage of criticism from the usual suspects that this is yet another example of wasting taxpayers money in difficult economic times.

A spokesman for the council told Barnet Council Watch “The new Mayor will elevate the status of the Mayoralty to a level never before seen in the Borough’s history and he is entitled to carry out his important duties in a vehicle befitting his status.”

When asked how the council could reconcile spending £120,000 on two cars whilst slashing the warden service to those living in sheltered accommodation, the spokesman said: “The office of Mayor brings with it over 800 years of tradition and a direct link to the monarch through parliament. The Mayor is the first citizen of the borough and only the Queen takes precedence. What sort of message will it send out to the public if the Mayor turns up to a civic event in a 5 year old Daimler?”

“Barnet residents are very loyal to the Queen and we are sure they will support the decision to buy these new cars.”

The spokesman claimed that the final bill was likely to be less than £120,000 as the council hoped to secure sponsorship of the new vehicles.


Duncan Macdonald said...

The scary bit is that I almost believe you.

clarrieB said...

surely this is an april fool's joke?

Barnet Council Watching said...

I didn't believe you but then what is new.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Is that really the most imaginative name you could think of?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose.

Spleenovich said...

Sorry to butt in here; I thought they invested in the Royal Mayoral Yatcht recently, which will be birthed in Dollise Brook?