Wednesday 29 April 2009

All change at the top

You may have noticed, dear Readers, that there have been a few changes to the layout of this blog. The “Not The Barnet Times” logo has moved from the side panel to the masthead, with the “Barnet Council Watch” logo moving in the opposite direction.

The reason for the change is that I have started a second blog called Not The Telegraph and marketing people tell me that it is important to create a brand image.

This blog will continue in the same format as before an can be accessed through the usual addresses of and

If you subscribe to this site using RSS, you shouldn’t need to change anything!

Not The Telegraph will deal with national issues. It will not replicate the work of the many hundreds of other blogs already in existence, but will instead discuss current issues in a slightly non conventional way. I hope you will enjoy it - and continue to enjoy Barnet Council Watch / Not The Barnet Times as well.

I write this blog under the pseudonym “Don’t Call Me Dave”. Not The Telegraph is written under the name “The Grim Ripa”. This is a reference to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act - known as RIPA for short - a piece of anti-terrorism legislation introduced by Tony Blair but which is now widely abused by local authorities across the country. It has become a snoopers charter for civil servants and I hope to play my part in having this legislation repealed or amended to keep public officials in check.

If you look at the right hand panel to this blog, you will see that I have now included a list of some of my favourite blogs which you might also enjoy. I have not included The Leader Listens because he doesn’t. If/when he does, I will be happy to add a link.

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