Friday 10 April 2009

Edgware candidate selected

Another Barnet Council Watch Exclusive!

Hendon Conservatives have selected their candidate to fight the by-election in Edgware ward to be held on June 4th.

Senior Conservatives were reportedly furious when Barnet Council Watch exclusively revealed that Alison Cornelius, wife of Cllr Richard Cornelius, had been selected to fight the by-election in Totteridge before they had issued their press statement. So to give the other local newspapers a fighting chance, all we will say for now is that the candidate is a former actuary and a leading local campaigner who was instrumental in setting up a school in the Borough.

Barnet Council Watch strongly supports the selection of a candidate who understands financial matters.

The by-election has been caused by the resignation of Richard Weider who has emigrated to Israel. However, in a parting message, it seems that all is not well within the ranks of Tory councillors.

Writing on his blog, Cllr Weider says: “Being a Councillor has many benefits, including being able to make a difference for your local community. However, being a Councillor also means that I had to accept collective responsibility and so I had to limit my views made in public, whether I agreed or disagreed with a Conservative Policy.”

A Conservative party member who disagrees with Conservative policy? It seems to be becoming a common event.

Richard continues: “Now that I am relinquishing my responsibilities I will again use this blog to express my opinion on various issues and events.”

It is a rather sad state of affairs when one of our elected representatives feels unable to speak his mind, but we all look forward to reading Richard’s blog in earnest after the election.


Anonymous said...

Hardly breaking news but least we know who the leak is now...

Former friend of Freer said...

Er... If it's 'hardly breaking news' how can you be so sure you know who the 'leak'(can you leak news that has broken) is!!!

Keep on with the crack Do Call Me Dave or whoever! You do make a dull day shiney...