Friday 30 January 2009

Sir Roger Tichborne

Barnet’s premier and most prolific blogger is Rog T (sorry Statler & Waldorf, but you have been knocked off your perch. Too much cheap supermarket sherry has clearly been the ruin of you!)

Our Rog has secured his legacy by having a pub named after him in Billingshurst, West Sussex.

The cellar is currently being excavated - presumably to create a sound proof studio -and the grand re-opening is scheduled for 1st April.

How about free drinks on opening night for our poor hard pressed councillors, Rog?


Rog T said...

A fine pub it is too !!!! Any Barnet Tory Councillor is always welcome. Tell them to order what they like and put it on my tab. Just say "Send the bill to Sir Roger"

Unknown said...

What an awful thought!