Monday 19 January 2009

Four Weddings and a Funeral

The council officer responsible for investing £28 million in Iceland has, in consultation with council leader Mike Freer, announced revised charges for weddings and civil partnerships.

I am often accused of writing only negative stories about the council, so I am delighted to report the good news that there will be no increase whatsoever in any of these charges this year.

The Conservative Party believes that a stable family unit is the bedrock of civilised society and it is therefore to be welcomed that Barnet Council will not make it more expensive for those thinking of tying the knot.

Although the report does not provide details, it is a reasonable assumption that the number of people getting married each year, far exceeds the number of children under 3 who are buried. So if the council can afford to maintain charges for those getting married, why can it not do the same for the families of those whose lives were tragically cut short?

This matter will be discussed tonight at the Cabinet Resources Committee.

Let us hope that the members of the committee will do the right thing and abolish or freeze the burial fees for children which are set to rise by 10%.

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