Friday 7 January 2011

Bloggers say goodbye

Left wing blog, Political Scrapbook, has produced a video featuring some of the high profile political bloggers who threw in the towel last year.

Missing from this list is one of Don’t Call Me Dave’s favourites, Constantly Furious, which came to an end in June.

Iain Dale claims that the reason he stopped blogging is because he’s a media star now darling he has too many other commitments. But DCMD wonders whether we are just observing a shift to localism. If people want national news and opinion, they can obtain it from a wide range of free sources. Good quality local news, however, is much harder to come by. The traditional investigative reporter is fast becoming an icon from a bygone age as local newspapers look to cut costs in the face of falling advertising revenue.

The Barnet Blogosphere is currently in good health - with several new blogs appearing in 2010 - providing an invaluable service for the community with an astonishing depth of coverage. The question is, for how long can this continue? If professional newspapers are losing money and cutting back their coverage, how can amateur bloggers provide the same service for free for the long term?

DCMD does not profess to know the answer to this question, but fears that local political blogging is unsustainable in its current form.


Rog T said...


I predict that by the end of 2011 there will be more Barnet blogs and better coverage of local issues.

I predict that most of them will be left of centre. I don't think there is really too much for right of centre blogger to say at the moment. I suspect Iain Dale saw this and jumped before his stats bombed.

If I was a barnet Tory and I wanted to blog, short of telling porkies, I really don't know what I'd have to say.

Don't Call Me Dave said...


I hope you are correct that the blogs in Barnet will continue to thrive, but I also hope that our two local newspapers get back to investigating and reporting news rather than simply regurgitating council press releases.

However, I would argue that in Barnet we have a need for right wing blogs just as much as left wing. The voters of this Borough comprehensively rejected Labour and the LibDems at the last election in favour of a Conservative administration, but as we have both argued for some time, the current Executive are not in any way shape or form representative of real Conservatism.

Rog T said...


I enjoy reading views I don't agree with. It is thought provoking. It's just that I see no sensible comments in favour of the Barnet Tory policies. Twats like Rams make the most bizarre statements in public. How could anyone be inspired to blog in support of someone like him or coleman?

Anonymous said...

Without intending to be provocative Rog, I think that that you are wrong.

The thrust of the left's message in Barnet (not including the twitching corpse that is the Labour Party here) is 'Everything is running fine. Just a bit more money (or keep budgets the same) and everything will be fine'

However those of us, like DCMD and others such as Mark Shooter, who fully endorse Eric Pickles revolutionary approach have plenty to say. Unfortunately the current administration of the Council is a renegade outfit who have the cheek to brand themselves Conservatives whilst fighting so much of the current government's resident centred approach.

So I contend the battle in Barnet is not how to stop every cut and retain every inefficient job and funny working practice but how to bring transparency and real value to taxpayers.

Rog T said...


The truth is that you, like me in Barnet are the opposition. If Barnet was run by sensible Tories, I'd not spend half my life writing blogs, I'd just grumble. The truth is that you, I and everyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that this lot couldn't run a whelk stall and that they will cost us a shedload of money.

I have 32 years of running a business. I've highlighted savings galore in my blog. I honestly don't believe Hillan or Freers cadres are really Tories at all. If they were Tories we could start to have a debate. What are they? Well freeloaders, Stalinist Brownites and complete Twats.

Moaneybat said...

Dan Hope,

The Pickles pickled view of 'community with more power' that also, the Left would welcome, is one that DCMD has questioned link:

Your agreement with the 'Resident Centred' approach is exactly the Onebarnet/EasyCouncil FutureShape, "where the current local Executive are not in any way shape or form representative of real Conservatism" -- not very different to the rhetoric and long term goals of the current Joint Central Executive, hardly real Conservative. That also has been debated in many a blog.

As for the Labour opposition in the Town Hall, still deciding what amazing colour of coat Joseph is wearing today?

Saucepans and Cacerolazo!
or many more years of, You write, Keep me alive, lest I twitch too much like Dan Hope, long after his Barnet Conservative friends switched off his artificial lifeline in the Town hall.

Anonymous said...

They seem to be of the same aloof sort that drove the Conservative Party out of power in 1994. Unfortunately for Labour they don't have an ambitious Alan Williams figure ferociously tearing away at them.

Not being able to run a whelk stall seems to be the specific talent that Ms Hillan and others specifically sought out to replace those people she cut down to get her grubby and greedy mitts on the big allowances she coveted for so long.

Anonymous said...

Moaneybat, if you want any acknowledgement or reply to your comments you can try taking a day off from being a complete abusive and obtuse turd.

You never know, you may just like it....

Moaneybat said...

Dan Hope,

Do I want an acknowledgement or reply from you? You will find the question rather abstruse.

Thank you for your compliment. Oooops! We all know which one of us was flushed down the toilet by his own Conservative colleagues, for whatever reasons (and not necessarily the 10 questions once posed to you in 2005 that made us laugh). Two of those colleagues have gone on to become MPs while you have shown that hell hath no fury like an ex-councillor scorned (or sacked). It's frightening to think you were once the Barnet Rep on the ALG in 2005.

Take a lead in dignity and integrity from Ex Deputy Leader and former Conservative councillor Patel, he RESIGNED in 2005 and has since kept mouth shut.

Alan Williams has long since moved on and also, kept mouth shut, his successor Phil Yeoman, did not hang around too long, neither had an answer to the 'Socialist Housing Issue' that Labour began in Barnet. Had either stayed on, both may not have had the leadership for long or faced an uneasy period in office.

There are some young Conservtive Councillors and others with long memories should Brutus Hope wish to return

Anonymous said...

Moaneybat (whoever you are as you, rather creepily, skulk around ominously and anonymously). If you want any acknowledgement or reply to your comments you can try taking a day off from being a complete abusive, ill-informed and obtuse turd.

You never know, you may just like it....

Moaneybat said...

The Parrot really did not get the question! and you call me a DHope.

If you keep your Partisan Bile on your Barnet Boogle you won't find my obtuse abuse. It's enough now, there'll be peace in the valley...

Anonymous said...

I really can't work out the writing style of these Moaneybat comments... It's either composite Councillor Kanti Tambourides or Councillor Andreas Patel.

An FoI request for IP addresses used by current Councillors may well bring up some matches against your Blogger data. That would clear things up.

DCMD I think the writing style would provide a wonder example, for your other blog, of english prose but only in the same way as Les Dawson used to play the piano. It is very difficult to write such gibberish, so consistently, but then these purported 'usual suspects' have had much practice.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

My message to Moaneybat is that if you wish to criticise Daniel Hope through the comments section of my blog, then you reveal your identity because otherwise we will have to assume that you are a coward and treat your comments accordingly.

If you are a councillor, or a former councillor, then it is only fair that we know who you are so that your ability and record as an elected representative can be held up to similar scrutiny.

Moaneybat said...


Then I shall have to be a coward, As to being a Councillor, of either, Real Conservative, Labour or LibDem? Sadly, I will have to disappoint you both and all, but here follows something about a coward

I was one of the significant few that took on both Labour and Conservative, when Labour and Alan Williams led the council, we also re-highlighted the ombudsman report in our local newspapers regarding, maladministration by the dude who went on to become the'ousted' leader of an administration despite being called Marxist, Communist, Socialist Worker, etc, by all three sides. Naive I might have been then as were the rest of us, whom did take it to the streets and the Town Hall, due to the same lack of transparency years before your 2005 resignation DCMD, over football stadiums I thinks, but none of the more seniors across all parties in the Town Hall today, can say we have not been vindicated. Nothing concerning Democrat Deficit

It has taken a fair few years but just take a step back, What are you, or, should I say we all are, moaning about today in Barnet? From Concreting Barnet on one side and, a Deaf Ear to the local community on the other side, all the way to Sheltered Housing in Barnet.

Only this time in contrast to 10-12years ago, don't go calling those ordinary citizens all kinds of names when they object to unjustifiable and flawed policies of 'real Conservatism' Blue Labour or LibDem.

As my English is rather poor, What exactly is "Real Conservatism?" Not the sad and bitter one who went crying to uncle or is it the austere one telling the rest of us we're in it with them. How does that work?

Gentlemen, this ignorant coward bids you and the Parrot a good day and reserves the right to treat Conservatives as they view me.

Anonymous said...

DCMD, seems to me 'Moaneybat' paints an unlikely picture. I'll stick with my best guesses, we'll find out for soon for sure. The story doesn't stack up.

The multilayered parody that passes itself off as 'Moaneybat' reaches new heights in referring to former Leader of the Council, Brian Salinger, as 'the dude'.

Don't Call Me Dave said...


I think you are missing my point. You can be as rude as you like about me on here (I will give as good as I get) and if you wish to insult Daniel Hope, that is also fine provided, in both instances, you do not write anything libellous.

But is quite clear from your postings that if you are not a councillor (or former councillor) then you certainly have a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of the Conservative Party in Barnet and of the Conservative Group in the Town Hall than most ordinary members of the public.

I think it is entirely legitimate to ask that you identify yourself so that your comments can be read in context. If you are part of the political system, which your comments lead me to believe you are, then we are entitled to ask whether your criticism of Mr Hope is based on personal animosity towards him or for some other ideological reason.

You and I both share a desire for greater openness and accountability from our elected representatives and the public bodies which are supposed to serve us. I gave up the position of Chairman of Chipping Barnet Conservatives - a position which I loved - in order to speak out on the issues that were important to me. My view remains that it is better to have principles and no power than power and no principles. I was prepared to give up my party membership so that I could hold my head up high and be counted. I have not hidden behind the cloak of anonymity, even though to do so would have allowed me to have remained in the Party.

Although I use the name DCMD, everyone knows who I am and I do not try and hide or pretend that I am someone else. You have posted many legitimate comments on this blog but unless you are a council officer fearful for your job (and I do not believe that you are) there is no reason to remain anonymous when you make the type of personal comments towards Mr Hope as you have above. I cannot force you to reveal your identity. What I am saying is that by remaining anonymous, you undermine your own credibility. The choice is yours.

Moaneybat said...


I give up! You don't have to explain the reasons of your resignation, that is more than obvious. Principles over Power?greater openness and accountability from our elected representatives and the public bodies which are supposed to serve us.

There is a distinction between two types of Conservatives, one that did not serve but understands the meaning of balance, and the other who comes up with a different interpretation of Conservative where the criticism shows bitterness towards the colleagues that they once served alongside and towards anybody, ANYBODY who has a view and wants a change that is, different to the dogma of the respective political parties, in the Town Hall, two to the Right, and the smallest too small to make a difference but with a leader who understand balance.

What Left? jeez man, Labour are not Left but light Blue, so blue, we the voters would not see the difference. They have not been in power for the past 8-10years, blowing away tax payers money on Bridges humps lamp-posts and Iceland, nor are they in the position of seeing the real state of waste that went on. Somehow, it is the Blue Labour's fault. Labour has voted begrudgingly with Conservatives outside of the Chamber Knockabout in the various
Regeneration Planning Housing committees or, am I wrong or are the Minutes a lie?

This is what you, I and the gate-post hear from your Left "We would do the things a bit slower" but not really different. Has the new Left minded Conservative stopped your Barnet Colleagues from awarding themselves pay rises? They moaned about it but the cutthroats took the money and the leader.

Am I part of the political system? jeez! I am, Yes,I am, from my birth, our names, our education and taxes we pay, exists because of politics no less than Aristotle and Democracy. ARE YOU part of the political system or part of an ideology of how a system should be? How do you reverse "No such thing as Society"

Libel? Was Hope deselected or not though my phraseology was imaginative? Are the Labour Party Twitching Corpses? No they're in the Town Hall and, have you endorsed the Pickle's view or did you query it? Did Kanti Patel resign or not? did the ombudsman conclude maladministration or not but somehow that's called leadership you endorse? Think a bit as to why the coup happened? Think also of the socio-political and economics an demographics of Barnet?

One does not have to be a member of any political party to understand it's mechanism. One has has to comprehend their political system and mine is bankrupt.You are all correct best to leave you political and legal intellectuals alone.