Monday 3 January 2011

Hillan’s Epiphany

Don’t Call Me Dave was surprised to read Lynne Hillan’s Christmas message to her loyal subjects in the Barnet Press this week, under the heading: ‘We’ll have to follow the example of volunteers and work together if we are to make Barnet better in 2011’.

Is this the same Lynne Hillan who, six months ago, tried to award herself a pay increase of £20,000 only to back down after a public campaign led by Barnet’s Bloggers (but not before she had awarded the cronies who kept her in her job an inflation busting increase of 50%)?


Mrs Angry said...

I found this heartwarming message, and the equally welcome pieces by our three Tory MPs, very useful.
As kindling for the fire. In fact I find that as well as the Mail, the local Times and occasionally, the Press, provide the perfect foundation for a decent blaze. Ironically, the Guardian is useless: can't work out if it is the paper or the print.
As regards the Dear Leader's inflammatory remarks: I can't quite decide if the Barnet Tories are incapable of understanding the concept of irony or simply do not care.

Anonymous said...

"However out of difficult circumstances emerge exceptionally people"- can this third rate cash guzzling woman actually have written this? Let us hope such people do emerge as they are clearly not yet running affairs in Barnet.