Sunday 18 October 2009

Members Code of Conduct

Article 6(a) of the Members Code of Conduct states:

You must not use or attempt to use your position as a member improperly to confer on or secure for yourself or any other person, an advantage or disadvantage;


gingis said...

On a similar note, have people noticed that our old chum Brian Coleman often uses FRSA after his name.
One of the things made very clear by the Roal Society of Arts is that Fellows should not use these letters after thier name, if especially if it is intended make themselves look as if they have some sort of qualification.
He is even using it on the LFEPA web page.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I wouldn’t worry gingis. Nobody thinks Brian Coleman is qualified for anything other than rampant snout-in-the-troughism and being vile and abusive.

Anonymous said...

But DCMD, he does is artfully, no?